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Hotel Reiters Supreme - Sika-Wild at the edge of the forest
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Sika-Wild at the edge of the forest

Homemade is better

The kitchen team led by Executive Chef Helmuth Gangl attaches great importance to the origin and quality of the ingredients. "Make as much as possible ourselves" is therefore our motto. We cook exclusively fresh in our kitchens using the best regional, seasonal and, where possible, organic ingredients. And in addition to the steak specialities, there are of course also purely plant-based dishes of the highest quality.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Mr and Mrs Reiter in the cattle stable
Think sustainably

Back to the beginning

Back to the real thing. Back to flavour. With this goal in mind, Karl J. Reiter started farming close to nature many years ago. Even before it became hip, we kept cattle, sheep, goats, game, pigs and chickens here. We have long been brutally local when it comes to herbs, fruit, wine, dairy products and honey. And we will continue to think sustainably in all areas in the future.

Thanks to this pioneering role, we can always rely on fresh products and ingredients. And offer our guests authentic flavours in every area.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Honey drips from a spoon into the honey jar


Our own meat, meat products, juices, wines, breads, jams and much more come directly from our farms, fields and gardens. Supplying the animals with natural feed from our own production is also standard.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Three sacks full of pears in a meadow orchard

We prefer to use seasonal and fresh produce. Because when it's ripe, it simply tastes best. But we also pickle, ferment and preserve our products.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Geese on a green meadow


Regional produce is essential for us, as even we cannot produce everything ourselves. That's why we rely on more than 300 selected suppliers from the local area. This ensures short distances and the products are exactly what we want.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - goats

Reiter's farming began on the Tyrolean mountain pastures of the Achenkirch mountains with hay milk. Today, this has developed into an association of six farms in Styria, Burgenland and Tyrol.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Cattle on the pasture

Meat from our own farm comes from our animals, which live in the wild and only eat organic feed from our own farm. Or purchased from carefully selected regional suppliers.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Various steaks on the grill

For us, beef is not just beef. We focus on suckler cow husbandry with natural breeding, Angus cattle bred respectfully on pastures and mountain pastures and rare breeds. We also process all parts of the animal - nose-to-tail - and slaughter them in a familiar, stress-free environment, directly on the farm. This enables us to supply our hotels with our own high-quality beef and beef products.

Mother cow herds

Mother cow herds with a total of 30 suckler cows are always accompanied by a breeding bull. This allows us to maintain very high fertility in both herds and also enable natural reproduction.

Rare breeds

Rare breeds come together in a herd, such as endangered domestic breeds like Tux Zillertaler, Grauvieh or Pinzgauer. In the other, Angus, Galloways and Wagyu cattle. Both graze in paddocks all year round and are carefully looked after by our agricultural staff. In addition, the suckler cows and their calves are allowed to graze on the mountain pastures together with the one- and two-year-old cattle and steers for at least four months every summer. The calves stay with their mothers for at least 8 months.


We slaughter our organic animals at the earliest at 30 months, more likely at 36 months (twice as long as in conventional animal husbandry). In 2019, we also invested in our own farm slaughterhouse. This ensures stress-free slaughter and sustainable processing of all the cattle. We process all the meat directly or let it mature into dry-aged meat in the cold stores.

Quality needs experience

The special added value and the great quality of our beef can be attributed to many factors. The decades of breeding and experience of Karl J. Reiter form the basis of this unique agriculture, which is reminiscent of earlier times.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Fish fillet garnished with vegetables

Local fish comes to us from cold and clear waters in the surrounding area (approx. 50 km radius) - not from distant aquacultures. That's why it simply tastes better here.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Cock and hens pecking in the meadow

Our chickens are allowed to roam freely and regularly move to fresh grass thanks to our mobile chicken coop. These almost 200 employees ensure that you can enjoy your incomparable breakfast egg every day.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Geese on a green meadow

Grazing geese graze continuously on the meadows of the Rabenwald and consume vast amounts of the best pasture feed and a few extra rations of grain. They only see the barn as chicks and during the night (when the fox wakes up).

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Mangalitsa pig with three piglets

Pigs spend many hours sleeping. But when they are active, they are a joy to watch - whether they are woolly pigs, pot-bellied pigs or our Mangalitsa pigs.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Sika-Hirsch on the edge of the forest

We keep Sika game in the Rabenwald forest, where it is shot by a certified huntsman without any stress, just like hunting. This enables us to offer the best quality meat.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Black-necked goats on a green meadow

Maxi's goat breeding and feeding is the highlight for many guests. The sizeable herd has made itself at home in its own goat chalets with a climbing tower. We are particularly proud of the rare breeds of black- and copper-necked goats that we successfully breed.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Cheese on wooden board with flower decoration

Cheese from the Reiters company has a long tradition. Karl J. Reiters' grandfather laid the foundation stone. The dairy cows graze on fresh alpine grass and valuable mountain herbs on the pastures of the large Ahornboden, which means that the milk itself is of outstanding quality. Produced according to old tradition, our Enger Almberg cheese matures for 12 months and offers an excellent flavour experience - and has also been awarded the golden cheese harp!

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Couple in the vineyard

Vineyards have been part of the Reiters standard for many years. They are located in St. Georgen, nestled in the limestone and slate of the Leithaberg in northern Burgenland. The grapes are vinified by the noble winemaker father-son duo Hans and Michael Schwarz. The truly great wines, matured in oak barrels, make up the Panta Rhei series. And the Panta-Lhei wines are works of art to collect.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Chefs in the herb garden

Herb and snack gardens are scattered throughout our extensive grounds. This means that our kitchen team can draw on around 65 different fresh herbs to give dishes a special flavour. You too can discover a lot during a guided tour.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Mr and Mrs Reiter under apple trees

We cultivate orchards naturally, which gives us the perfect starting products for most of our juices, jams and chutneys.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Beehives lined up next to each other

We have honey produced. But only from our own bees. We have bee colonies distributed around our farms, which find a variety of food in our beautiful wildflower meadows and provide you with delicious forest and blossom honey.