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Natural is our philosophy

When it comes to enjoyment, we know no compromises. Naturally, only the best goes into our kitchen and onto your plate. We place great emphasis on home-grown produce, biodiversity and respectful treatment of animals and nature. Sustainability as a way of life: in all areas.

Production facility

Our Genusswerkstatt

Since summer 2022, guests have been able to look over our shoulders in this glass production facility in the heart of the Reiter. Fresh aromas from our own bakery. There's also a lot of manual labour in the pasta shop. And you can marvel at our ice cream factory and patisserie. Best of all, you can enjoy sustainable, home-made delicacies in our hotels - without any artificial additives.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Sweet delicacies on a clay-coloured plate

»From the farm, garden and forest straight to the table. That's how delicious it is with us.«

Karl J. Reiter
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Homemade pink chocolates on an etagere

Patisserie is Lisi Schützenhöfer's art. She and her team conjure up cakes, pastries, pralines, petit fours and every sweet dream in the traditional way.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - pasta in different variations

Homemade pasta is freshly prepared in our pasta factory. This allows us to check how they taste, what's in them and, above all, what's not in them.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Grapes and spoon with jam

Juices and jams have their origins in our naturally cultivated orchards. Freshly pressed and bottled naturally cloudy, they are characterised by their intense flavour and special aromas.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - herbal salts in different variations

Our salts are carefully blended with herbs and spices and are available in various flavours.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Homemade syrups in different flavours

We also make our own syrups, which vary according to the season and sweeten your stay.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Olives in a ceramic bowl and olive oil on a wooden table

We source our olive oil exclusively from the region near the Palace of Nestor on the Gulf of Pylos. Olive varieties from two groves in different locations ensure a special flavour experience. First-class quality, obtained directly by mechanical cold pressing.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - various homemade breads

Bread from our Genusswerkstatt is made in the traditional way. The sourdough is mixed with the best grain flour and given sufficient resting time.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - A scoop of vanilla ice cream is portioned

We produce creamy, smooth ice cream from fresh cow's milk without artificial additives. The changing fruit ice cream flavours (strawberry, blood orange, cherry, lemon ...) consist of 40-45% fresh fruit and are purely plant-based.

To take away

Genusswerkstatt Shop

You can shop for indulgence in our Genusswerkstatt shop in Winzergasse. You can also enjoy many of our specialities at home as souvenirs or gifts.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - wooden barrel with various Reiters products on top
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Reiters honey
Order conveniently
Online shop

Shopping online is also no problem at Reiters. You can also conveniently order all of our in-house specialities in our shop and have them delivered directly to your home. Free shipping from € 100.