Hotel Reiters Supreme - Couple swims underwater in opposite directions

Pools and water worlds


Completely in your element

If you want to find your way back to yourself, the best place to start is in our spacious, comfortable wellness areas. Discover breathtaking pools, relaxing saunas, hammams or our exclusive ladies' spa. Ayurveda or classic treatments, yoga, fitness classes and much more round off the varied program.

Thermal water 34°C

Pleasure Pool

Our Pleasure Pool is a treat for body and soul with soothing warm thermal water and a magnificent view. Especially at sunset, when the rolling hills are bathed in fiery red evening light.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Pleasure pool at sunset
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Lady dives into relaxation pool
Thermal water 33°C / whirlpool 36°C

Relaxation pool

Take a dip in our relaxation pool. It relieves tension and also promotes metabolism in the joints.

Thermal salt water 36°C

Saltwater pool

Immerse yourself in this unique pool with thermal brine water. The warm, pristine thermal spring water is enriched with valuable minerals and has a soothing effect against everyday stress, tension and low moods.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Couple relaxes in the steaming saltwater pool
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Man crawling in the sports pool
Fresh water 27°C

Sports pool

Our freshwater pool is a sporty place. Whether you want to swim lengths or just cool off, you can linger here indefinitely without straining your body.

Fresh water 17°C / thermal water 34°C


Discover our yin-yang signature pools (FKK) with all your senses, where opposites unite to form a great whole. Balance your yin in the cool fresh water or your yang in the warm thermal water. In the nude area around the pool, you can enjoy the freedom of a gentle breeze on bare skin.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Woman swims in the Yin-Yang pool, second woman walks along the edge of the pool
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Woman relaxing with outstretched arms in thermal water
Thermal water 34°C

Massage pool

Lean back and relax. Let yourself fall. And experience pure relaxation in our soothing massage pool. What could be nicer than being pampered by massage jets on benches after a hot sauna session?

Healing thermal water

Our healing thermal water comes from a depth of 896 meters, with an outlet temperature of 32.6°C. The thermal water supports treatments of the musculoskeletal system and vegetative states of exhaustion. It contributes to an increase in immune function and is an ideal support for rehabilitation measures and other therapies.