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Hotel Reiters Supreme - Yoga exercises with Lipizzaner in the background
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Yoga exercises with Lipizzaner in the background

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At Reiters Supreme, there is plenty of time and opportunities for beneficial activities such as fitness and yoga. Over 40 weekly changing activity programmes, free of charge for guests, under the guidance of our active team, help you to recover and come back stronger from your holiday. As large as our retreat is, as varied is our offer.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Lady in standing yoga pose
Feel mindfulness

strengthens the body, promotes flexibility and suppleness and calms the mind through intensive breathing techniques. Our yoga instructors will take you on a physical and mental journey that suits you.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Woman shows headstand with outstretched legs
Hatha Yoga

makes the body stronger and more supple. The aim is to achieve unity between body and mind, primarily through physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Woman in standing yoga pose

Yin Yoga

is more passive and meditative. Simple body positions are held for a long time without physical exertion and often have a positive effect on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - singing bowls in two different sizes

ranges from breathing or mindfulness to chakra or walking meditation. Together we will find the right one for you.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Group doing yoga outdoors

Yoga & golf

is led by yoga teacher Florian Reitlinger and shoulder surgeon and sports traumatologist Dr Ralph Wischatta. Florian Reitlinger focuses on your posture and mental strengths from a yoga perspective, while Dr Wischatta analyses your shots on the driving range.

Fitness & Exercise
Holistic balance

In our well-equipped fitness centre, you will find 120 m² of different endurance and strength equipment. Here you can work on your body and enjoy the unique view at the same time. On the floor above, you can take part in daily changing and selected sports and fitness programmes in our exercise room.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Woman with weights in her hand during strength training