Hotel Reiters Supreme - Lipizzaner from behind with braided tail

The happiness of this earth lies here


Ready for your riding vacation
in Austria?

Horses have always been Karl J. Reiter's great passion. So it's no wonder that he has made this dream come true here in the gently undulating landscape of Burgenland. And allows all guests - young and old - to share in it.

Experience the Lipizzaner

You may know them from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. But with us you can get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures bred by us. During regular guided tours of the stud farm and riding demonstrations, you can look into the wonderful eyes of these animals, stroke them and soak up their tranquillity.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Lady walks barefoot with Lipizzaner
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Woman with riding helmet mounts Lipizzaner

Lipizzaner riding

Beginners and novices in particular love our Lipizzaner school horses (mares, geldings), as they are extremely calm and peaceful creatures. Experienced riders have the unique opportunity to ride our stallions. Lunging and riding lessons are available according to the program or on request.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Head of a Lipizzaner in a flowering shrub

Set horses

Exclusively for hotel guests, we offer the opportunity to bring and stable your own horse during a hotel stay. (Pre-registration necessary, price on request, use of the hall by arrangement).

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Karl Reiter as coachman on a Lipizzaner carriage

Lipizzaner in front of the coach

You can also take it easy with us and experience a noble carriage ride.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Lipizzaner foal
Lipizzaners in breeding

Over the course of 30 years, Karl J. Reiter has built up the largest private Lipizzaner stud farm in Europe. International and national awards are proof of his success. It is also possible to buy a horse.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Two American Miniature Horses sniff each other

Different horse breeds

Riding, carriage driving and petting is of course also possible with our Icelandic horses, ponies and American mini-horses in addition to Lipizzaners.