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Hotel Reiters Supreme - colorful hammock in the sunlight

The place to me

It's easy to recharge your batteries at the Reserve. Because everyone can find their own personal "place to me" here. Every single day of the year.


While some enjoy sporting activities in the great outdoors, others can relax in a hammock. The extensive gardens are home to ponds, relaxation and lounging areas, walking and strolling paths, flower meadows, orchards, snack gardens, herb meadows, sensational viewpoints and the popular sunset terrace.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - colorful, blooming wildflower meadow

In spring, southern Burgenland begins to show its best side, the Reserve is now fully playable outdoors again. Tulip buds sprout from the ground, delicate pink-coloured cherry blossoms bloom on the trees and the cheeky offspring jump across the pastures.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - View of the Millennium Pond


In summer, an almost Mediterranean atmosphere with bleached tones bathes this place in a magical light. Sports are the order of the day in the mornings and evenings, while lunchtime is spent by the pools, in the cooling shade or enjoying the restaurants.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Mr. and Mrs. Reiter under apple trees

Autumn shows us its full splendour of colour and bathes nature in wonderfully warm tones. Picturesque sunsets, balmy nights and the far-reaching views of the breathtaking surroundings amaze young and old alike.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Cattle on a frozen pond

And in winter, the Reserve offers a wonderful "retreat" with its spa and wellness oasis. Relaxing hours as well as sport and exercise accompany us through the cooler months. Here, everyone will find a wide range of indoor attractions.

Our insider tips

Regular guests may already be familiar with them. But for all those who don't yet know our huge area like the back of their hand, here are a few selected tips and places waiting to be discovered.

Millennium Pond

The Millenium pond with its koi carp, ducks and birds provides a wonderful view and a breathtaking light atmosphere, especially in the evening.

Circular and hiking trails

The circular and hiking trails offer hikers, walkers and joggers many opportunities for unforgettable excursions both inside and outside the reserve.

Large pond

At the large pond, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the driving range and the hotel facilities in peace and quiet.

Four seasons garden

And anyone strolling through the Four Seasons Garden can linger on the Relax Decks, read in peace or have private conversations.