We stand behind it

Who is the family behind this family business? What characterizes them and what drives them every day? And how have Nikola and Karl J. Reiter managed to have such passionate employees in their team for decades?

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Karl Reiter with hat and hen in his hands

From generation to generation

Karl J. Reiter has always been considered a pioneer of wellness tourism. Always one step ahead and with great visions in his luggage, he led the Posthotel in Achenkirch to the top many years ago, which is now managed by his son.

In Bad Tatzmannsdorf, he and his wife Nikola Reiter have created Reiters Supreme and Reiters Finest Family, a unique "retreat". The two of them run it with immense passion and joy.

Host from the heart

Creating a unique "retreat" - that was and is the vision of our hotels, which we bring to life every day with our fantastic team. Our aim is to help you find your way back to yourself. Relax, unwind and experience vacation moments that you will never forget.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Mr. and Mrs. Reiter greet you with a hat
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Chefs in the herb garden

One big family

The two hotels and a total of 125 hectares of grounds are well managed, looked after and cared for. Kitchens are used, animals are fed, fruit and vegetables are harvested and processed. And, of course, guests are looked after at all times of the day. This is ensured by an ambitious team of around 360 employees. And Karl, Nikola and all the guests particularly appreciate this.

Proud of our employees

That is why we are constantly investing in our team. We have been a pioneer in terms of appreciation for decades - many long-serving employees are the best proof of this. For example, we offer childcare for our employees' children, regular training and further education, an employee residence, flexible working time models, additional vacation days and much more.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Mr. and Mrs. Reiter with longtime employees

»Attentive staff, a friendly smile, a helping hand: this is how we give our guests an unforgettable time!«

Nikola Reiter
Hotel Reiters Supreme - Restaurant Supreme with mediterranean flair


that is cozy, comfortable and personal.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Couple gets information at the reception desk


which is relaxed, informal and highly professional.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - View of the Millennium Pond


and an honest use of resources.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Homemade pasta on a blue plate


at the highest level, whether it's a sumptuous breakfast buffet, a fine lunch or a multi-course dinner.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Black-necked goats on a green meadow


which relies heavily on its own cultivation and regional partners.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Lady during facial treatment


in the numerous spa and wellness areas.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Couple cuddling in bed with a cup of tea

Feel-good moments

in the different room categories.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Three Lipizzaners in the forest


and memories that touch guests long after their vacation is over.